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What Is Happening To Our Country?

Created on: 06/25/20 02:24 PM Views: 128 Replies: 4
What Is Happening To Our Country?
Posted Thursday, June 25, 2020 02:24 PM

Warning: controversial topics to follow. I blame ignorance for most of what goes on today in our country. Our system of public education now is absolutely pathetic. Kids leaving our public high schools today have no conception of civics, history, geography, English composition or anything else for that matter. Most 6th graders in Christian schools know more than many high school grads. My wife is from Colombia. She had to pass a 100 question test with 70% or better before she could become a US Citizen. I would guess fewer than 10% of our kids and adults could pass the same test. Have you ever seen videos of kids at major universities trying to answer simple questions asked by The Tonight Show's Jay Leno? You would be amazed! Our local school boards and teacher unions/associations are the culprits. They need to be pressured to make improvements! Bad teachers need to be fired.  

If you have never read the book 1984 by George Orwell, I sugest that you pick up a copy and read it soon. I read it for a high school or college class a long time ago.  Libraries are now removing books from the shelves because city councils have decided that they are not politically correct or are racist in nature. 1984 will probably be one of them to be removed first. BLM is demanding that cities defund the police. For this they should be considered a terrorist organization! Police departments and good people are standing by and doing nothing while thugs, radicals, and anarchists are defacing and destroying monuments of historical figures and events of historical importance.  Most of the worst of this behavior is happening in large cities that have been controlled by Democrats for many decades.....Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, LA, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, NYC, etc. The city councils of these cities are telling the police not to enforce the law.

Did you know that Martin L. King Jr. was a Republican? He knew that the inner cities of the largest cities in the US were the "new plantations". Chicago, long a bastion of Democratic control with supposedly the strictest gun control laws in the country (what a joke), recently had the most deadly weekend of gun violence deaths in its history. It is obvious that the major media such as NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, etc. hate the President and will say or do anything to promote his removal. They started talking about impeachment even before the President was innagurated. They couldn't believe that Hillary Clinton didn't win the election and that all their predictions had been wrong. Our Democratic controlled Congress has just spent 3 years and more than 20 million dollars trying to impeach the President and all of it was done using false information. The FBI knew it was false and still continued to act as if it were true.  Where was the outrage from the major media when the Obama administration's IRS targeted conservatives and conservative groups? Where was the outrage when Obama's attorney general sold guns to the Mexican drug cartels later used to kill our border patrol agents? Where was the outrage when the State Department run by Hillary Clinton sold our uranium to the Russians, abandoned our people in Bengazi and maintained her own internet server which she later bleached and destroyed?  We have Google, Facebook, and Twitter all trying to censor people using their platforms because their owners all hate the Republican party. Never have we seen such hatred from the Democratic party for Republicans. Never have we seen outright support for socialism.  Anyone with the slightest sense of history knows that socialism is one step away from communism. Socialism does not coexist with organized religion. Communism suppresses religion of any kind. Communists are atheists. Those who disagree with the party will be murdered or imprisoned. Look at the hundreds of millions in Russia and China that have been slaughtered. Black Lives Matter has made heros out of criminals and is calling for the removal of police in all major cities. No one deserves to die while being arrested by the police unless they are threatening the life of the arresting officer. But it is absurd to say that all police are racists. ANTIFA is a terrorist group using the BLM protests as a means to create chaos and should be destroyed at all costs. Why hasn't the media focused on the number of white women raped and killed by black men? Why doesn't that become the number one topic on major media when it happens? Why, because it doesn't produce hate among the black community. The media wants us to be at each other's throats. How many black women are raped and killed by white men? Why hasn't the media focused on the thousands of black children, men and women that have been shot in the inner cities by other blacks?  Why haven't the media focused on the fact that most black families have no father figure and that most black children are born out of wedlock? Why haven't the media focused on the fact that black women have more abortions than any other race and that a majority of black students don't graduate from high school in the inner cities?  Listen to intelligent conservative black leaders like Thomas Sowell, Dr. Ben Carson, Candace Owens, Tim Scott, and many more. They know what is going on and they know the truth. They know what the real problems are that face the nation's black people.  But left leaning rich politicians like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have labeled them all "Uncle Toms" and uneducated black people believe them.

Political corruption is at an all time high in this country among both Democrats and Republicans.  has listed campaign contributions for all major politicians and many state and local politicians.  Follow the money to see who is controlling the decisions of these politicians because you are not the ones they listen to.

I apologize to anyone who may have been offended by my remarks (try to think for yourself and not be influenced by major media, follow the money!) or for any mistakes in grammar.  I tell it like I see it as a patriotic veteran and Christian American. "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." to quote Thomas Jefferson. Too many of our elected politicians in this country do not follow the Ten Commandments and do not respect the oath they have taken to defend the Constituion.  I have merely tried to expose the truth and that the major media in our country are at the core of trying to destroy LIBERTY.  Follow the money!

Best Regards to all,

BA Kelley USNRet



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RE: What Is Happening To Our Country?
Posted Thursday, June 25, 2020 03:35 PM

Thank you Barry, my husband & I are 100% with you!!! The democrats are trying to destroy this country . , and NEVER give up your guns!!!



What Is Happening To Our Country?
Posted Friday, June 26, 2020 12:27 PM

Dear Anne,

Thank you and your husband for your support!  God Bless you and your family! I am a hunter and I have several pistols for personal protection, a shotgun for hunting game birds, and a high powered rifle for hunting deer.   I pray that I won't have to use them to fight off those that want to take away my liberty, but I am ready and so are all the other Oath Keepers that I know (an organization of US Vets that are considered extreme right wing radicals by the Southern Poverty Law Center because they want to protect the Constitution). 



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RE: What Is Happening To Our Country?
Posted Friday, June 26, 2020 01:30 PM


I am saddened by the unoriginal thoughts
trotted out in your diatribe, your rap.
Lies are often more than inaccurate statements.
Lies can also be harmful, malicious repetitions of real whoppers.
Included in your writing are allusions to webs of distortions.
A woman's body, white or black, is none of [y]our business.
Horribly, the business of black bodies was conducted 
for several centuries in this hemisphere.
Black Americans that I am acquainted with
are working people, often professionals.
Many form faithful families in our community
of churches and civic organizations.
So there.
RE: What Is Happening To Our Country?
Posted Saturday, June 27, 2020 02:58 PM


I agree that black Americans are a vital part of our churches and community. I never said otherwise. I don't believe that criminals of any race should be held up as martyrs or heroes.  I don't believe we should feel guilty for what happened to slaves more than 200 years ago.  Slavery still exists and needs to be erradicated. The government has done enough to make up for that unfortunate period of our history. It's a fact that Democrats supported slavery and Republicans did not. Look at the votes on the 13th/14th Amendments. No Democrats voted for these amendments!!  It's up to each person to make the most of their life no matter what race they are. Everyone has the right to freedom, liberty, and justice for all, but no one is entitled to anything more if they don't want to work for it.

I don't believe that anyone has the right to take a life, especially the life of an unborn child. It may be your body, but it is not your right to murder an innocent child. What if your mother had wanted an abortion instead of having you? You wouldn't exist today would you? Pro Lifers are all hypocrites. It's ok for others to abort, but not my mother!! I especially dislike the fact that our government uses taxpayer dollars to fund abortion through Planned Parenthood. 

As far as spreading lies go, I suggest you do a little research into well know statistics.