Pandemic Responsibility and UNC Chapel Hill
Posted Monday, July 27, 2020 04:36 PM

I knew the UNC CH would get your attention. Doctors around the country are starting to speak up to refute statistics that the CDC has been publishing. Hydroxychlorquine was tested and approved for virus treatment (therapeutic & prophylactic)15 years ago. Write the governor, your senators and your congressmen to allow pharmacies to distribute it if it is not approved in your state.  

Dr. Rashid Buttar served in the US Army in NC. He has very enlightening information about the people responsible for what is happening today.  Watch the entire video before you make any judgements. It will probably be removed soon because social media doesn't want people to know the truth. Dr. Buttar claims that virus research from UNC was moved to Wuhan, China to escape a government mandated moratorium in the US and Dr. Fauci is responsible. I don't think Dr. Buttar has any motive to lie about this. The Raleigh News and Observer has said that this is only a right wing conspiracy theory which is the standard response for biased newspapers like the NY Times and Washington Post. You can check the validity of his claims by researching government info. I will leave the decision up to you. He also talks about the new 5G network and its effects. Note that every time he says 5G, Youtube sensors it. Does anyone really think that 5G or 30 to 100 million cycles per second of radiation is good for the human body? Put yourself in a microwave. That's about what it is like.            

Dr. Scott Jensen, a state senator from Wisconsin (named doctor of the year in WI), has another interesting interview that all should watch. The Highwire with Del Bigtree is on Facebook and he also has his own website.      

Don't panic, don't stress out and keep your spirits up. It is a proven fact that stress lowers your immune system's ability to protect your body.  As a Christian, I believe that God has things under control. Don't blame Him for what is happening to us.  People are suffering. Many don't have enough food. Do your part to help someone.  My wife and I have given money to family and neighbors that have lost jobs and don't have money to buy food. You can do the same! Volunteer and don't worry about getting the virus. God's angels are watching over you!