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I went to Louisburg College, changed my major, then to Sandhills Community, and worked at Wispering Pines Country Club part-time while there. I then went to Atlantic Christian College and graduated with a BS in Business. I worked summers at Oak Park Pool with Charlie Hicks and Phil Doral. I also worked a couple of summers at Hayes Barton Pool. I was born in the Portsmouth Naval Hospital, and I have never liked sitting inside jobs. My father who joined the Navy at 17 as an apprentice seaman went through every pay grade and rank to LCDR. My father and I have traveled the intercoastal waterway from Portsmouth Va. to Hilton Head. I have had many boats power and sail. I am working now on a Sea Ray, and a 21 ft. I have in Savanna Ga.will soon be ready to finish the ICWW to Tarpon Springs. If other Broughton boaters are interested let me know. I have a second home in Wilmington NC, and do most of my local boating there. My e-mail is Raleigh house 7909 Westfall Ln. -home phone 919-783-0688.

School Story

I will have to admit that I skipped school to eat at the PR, and then through the backdoor to Captain's pool hall. The group started out with about five or six, but the guys all got caught except for me, so towards the end of the yer I ate at the cafeteria. I had a friend working in the computer room, and he would get me back to back lunch and study hall, so I had more time. I had a library pass for study hall. In those days a GM car key would work on other GM cars, so one day I saw my friend's car moving in the parking lot, and as I got close I noticed it was Andria Conner, and not my friend the owner. It was lunch time, they were skipping and so was I, so I had them drop me where I wanted to go, and promised not to tell the car owner. I do not know if Barry Johnson ever did know or figured it out. I enjoyed my time at Broughton, and those were changing times we lived through. I still like that period music, we got a great education then, and I could write a book about the cars.

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Happy birthday Joey. Fun times at Louisburg

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Ben --The school bus was the west Raleigh get together in the AM, lots of us remember Larry Butterton who would sing "House of the Rising Sun" on the way to school. Things happened in the last seat of the bus that were amusing that we could hear up front. Glad you are doing OK, and at the last smaller re-union I realized that my dog was run over by the bus, and the driver knew it. Some of us are going to meet at the PR in April, and anyone is invited. Joe Sandling

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Are you on your way to Colorado yet --JDSandling figured you might be -Good seeing you and thanks for the tour of the marina's --Joey

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I guess it is about time for me to buy you a beer--910-398-7518 --back from Concord where the wife is helping out with the mom -she is 94-- the mom that is --and might outlive us all --still drives the buick --I am in Wilmington three times a week --live up the street from Andy A --I am lucky to have a second home --Joey --PS --found a book in mom's attic that belongs to Broughton --Chuck Anderson last one to check it out -so I guess I need to get it back to them --Joe Sandling

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Jul 25, 2016 at 6:19 PM
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Thanks --So you were up at two it looks like, I am in Wilmington now, and my part time job gets me here and pays me. House is two blocks from Andy's, and I restore boats and have fun here with projects. Good to hear from you, I rarely check computer stuff everyday like most evidently do. Hope to see you there--Joey

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Jan 25, 2016 at 12:33 PM

I went to the memorial yesterday here in Wilmington, and saw Monty Steed, Tommy and Barbara Oates, Billy Jean and Andy Aritakus and David Barnes there.  I remember the re-union before the last one where I told Johnny that I thought he needed some hair coloring to look older, and then the next one he came up and said look Joey, I have got some gray, and I said " It's about time"  Knew him at Martin when I went there in 7th grade from Greensboro, and he was one of the first people I met.  Didn't know who to hang with then, so I hung out with what I think now was the ADD group, we just didn't know it.  I was shocked to read it in the Raleigh paper, which we do get there, and I and all of you will miss Johnny Stone.  John had a good life and like my father always told me "It's too short"

Joe Sandling 

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